• Client: Okara
  • Year: 2014

Okara is a company focused on the development of agropecuary work, based in the management and using of different technologies that take the producer to obtaining the best performance in all of their processes. The company is based in an Uruguayan and U.S. market.


Okara wanted to display their work concept through their website, creating expectation with technological messages in loaded slides and filled with entrepreneurship. These slides were built aesthetically based in their two principal poles, field and technology.

Design and slogan

We´ve built a corporate image, based in a color scheme and images that identify the field and technology.
Its slogan tries to encourage the innovative producers to believe and take an ambitious project ahead, but filled with results “Lead the way”.


We”ve developed a fully responsive website, suitable for any device.
We also created a content manager for the blog, which allows the client to publish news about the company and new technologies.