• Client: Rangers
  • Year: 2014 - 2015

Rangers is an Outfitter, a dove hunting operator in Uruguay. Its target audience are hunters mostly from the U.S., that are interested in having hunting experiences in South America.


Its goal was to develop a brand based on aesthetics and positioning, stating a conceptual difference among its competitors. This became really important due to the contact strategy chosen previously, so much it would focus 100% in digital content campaigns.


We did our research on styles, tastes and interests of the target audience. We found that we had to create an aesthetic that mixed the North American profile and the Uruguayan proposition. This is why we created a color scheme based on camouflage, produced high contrast and scarcely saturated photographic material, and used textures that allowed us to combine all the elements.


We developed a website that stood behind that aesthetic, communicated the Ranger´s values, and that included enough information in a dynamic way, in order for it to be successful in Google adwords campaigns that we developed later.


We created an institutional video to promote the place and the shot volume that Rangers offers, because according to the client´s know how, these are the most attracting points to the target audience.